infiLED Sports Perimeter has high brightness and high refresh rate capability ensuring that viewing performance is maximised. The Perimeter also has specially designed masks to protect the LED. 


Another key feature about infiLED Sports Perimeter is that it has both signal and power redundancies to ensure the perimeter is always in operation. The infiLED Sports Perimeter has been designed to be in line with various specifications, making it both safe and delivering top performance. 


The infiLED Sports Perimeter is available with manufacturers finance options available as standard and measures either 100m or 240m in length and 90cm in height with a pixel pitch of 13mm. Thanks to being fully customisable the Perimeter can be made bigger or smaller and with a pixel pitch from 13mm down to 8mm.



  • Indoor or Outdoor

  • Brightness: Up to 6,000 nits

  • Refresh Rate: Up to 3,850Hz

  • Service Access: Rear

  • Viewing Angle: Up to 140 Degrees

  • Pixel Pitch from 8mm to 13mm